Symptoms of Coronavirus
Symptoms of Coronavirus

What are the symptoms of corona virus?

After reaching the human body, the corona virus infects its lungs. This causes fever first, followed by a dry cough. There may be problems in breathing later.

It takes an average of five days for the virus infection to start appearing. However, scientists say that in some people, its symptoms may be seen even after much later.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there may be up to 14 days between the time the virus reaches the body and shows symptoms. Although some researchers believe that this time can also be up to 24 days.

The corona virus spreads more than the body of those who show signs of infection. But many experts believe that this virus can spread even before making a person sick.

The initial symptoms of the disease are similar to those of colds and flu due to which one can easily get confused.

How deadly is the corona virus?

Compared to the statistics of coronavirus infection in india, the number of people killed is very low. Although these figures cannot be completely trusted, if the data is to be believed, then the death rate due to infection can be only one to two percent.

Currently, treatment is being done for thousands of people infected with it in many countries and the death toll may increase.
A study by the World Health Organization based on information gathered about 56,000 infected people shows that –

6% of people became seriously ill due to this virus. These included lung failure, septic shock, organ failure and risk of death.
Severe signs of infection were seen in 14 percent of the people. There were problems in breathing and problems like breathing quickly.
Minor signs of infection were seen in 80 percent of people, such as fever and cough. Pneumonia due to this was also seen in many.

How fast is the corona virus spreading?

Hundreds of cases of corona virus are being reported worldwide. But it is also believed that even now many cases have been saved from the eyes of health agencies.

According to the latest data of the World Health Organization, so far 1,36,895 cases of corona virus infection have been confirmed in 123 countries of the world. Due to this, more than five thousand people have died so far.

The most cases of infection with this virus have been reported in China, Italy, Iran and Korea.

Corona virus protection

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. If there is no soap, use a Hand Sanitizer Bottle.

2. Keep your nose and mouth covered.

3. Stay away from sick people. Do not use their utensils and do not even touch them. This will keep both the patient and you safe.

4. Keep the house clean and also clean the things coming from outside and bring it into the house.

5. Avoid eating non-veg, especially seafood, as the corona spreads from viral seafood.

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