Best Way To Remove Unwanted Hair At Home
Best Way To Remove Unwanted Hair At Home
Almost 90% of women suffer from excessive, unwanted hair that becomes a cause of embarrassment, no confidence, stress and humiliation. What starts as thin, fine hair turns into thick, dark, coarse hairs which are very much visible no matter how hard you try to hide them.

People try various options to get rid of unwanted hair like shaving, waxing, creams, tweezing. Shaving is the worst alternate to turn to as it makes hair grow at a faster pace, thicker and coarser. Waxing does help keep growth at bay for few days. But these are all temporary and hairs grow back in no time.

There are remedies that help lessen the growth as well as its frequency. These may or may not be permanent as everyone’s body and growth is different. But what do we have to lose in trying ? Who knows ! this might just work.


Gram flour has been used as bodywash for centuries. It is also used to massage babies before bath. Mix gram flour, curd or milk, turmeric and make a paste. Apply this paste on the area you want to get rid of hair. Wait until it dries partially and rub with fingers like you are scrubbing your skin. The hairs fall off with the paste giving you a smooth feel.


Green moong with skin, soaked overnight, grind it into a paste in the morning. Apply this paste on face and wait till it dries. Try to rub it off with your fingers gently.  This helps in removing hairs. Apply twice a week. Continuous usage of this paste gradually decreases the growth of hair.


Turmeric has properties that inhibit the growth of hair from follicles. Turmeric, mixed with milk or rose water, can be used directly on areas of unwanted hair. It is especially effective when applied after wax as the hairs get pulled from roots which makes roots exposed and gives remedies easy access to follicles. Turmeric should be patch-tested before applying to whole area as post-wax skin is very sensitive and also some people are allergic to turmeric, this makes patch-test important.



There are people diagnosed with PCOS led hirsutism which results in unwanted hair growth. PCOS makes hormones go haywire. Spearmint tea helps to control it. Just two cups of spearmint tea for three months will give you results. I would strongly advice to consult with your OB/GYN first before starting with spearmint tea.


Thanaka, a tree found in Burma, has properties that permanently stops unwanted hair growth that bothers us all. The powder is used by locals to protect skin against the sun (two benefits in one !). Mix thanaka powder with safflower oil and apply this paste over waxed area of unwanted hair. Continuous application has given permanent effects.

Unwanted hair is a very common problem these days, ladies ! So don’t upset yourself over it. You are beautiful the way you are ! Stay confident about yourself and win the world.

Stay Healthy, Happy & Beautiful !


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