As promised in our earlier blog, we are back with natural makeup removal solutions for you. These are easy, found in your kitchen solutions you are going to love.


An indispensible part of today’s lifestyle. It does make a difference in a person’s appearance, be it function photographs or a selfie. Makeup also means topical application of alien products on your skin which may or may not suit you. No matter how much natural or organic a brand claims to be, it is always a foreign agent applied topically on your skin. The last thing we want our face to face is pimples, dark spots, wrinkles or fine lines. This happens majorly because you either have it genetically or gone careless with your skin. The worst mistake you can do is to keep your makeup on while going to bed.

Natural Oil Cleanser

Oil cleansers are the easiest to apply and also remove makeup easily. It not only nourishes skin but also maintains natural skin oils which make your skin look young and shiny unlike washing face directly and scrubbing it to remove makeup. Other makeup removing products found in the market may make your skin dry leading to premature aging which also means you need to moisturize your skin over and over again leading to over-production of oils by your skin resulting in super-oily skin. Keep things natural. On a cotton ball, use coconut or olive oil for removing makeup.


Yogurt is not only delicious and healthy when eaten but also it is equally healthy for skin when applied topically. It is being used for centuries as a natural cleansing product. It has lactic acid that helps keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay as well as dissolves dead skin cells gently. It not only clears all the dirt and tan from skin but also moisturizes and nourishes it. It is a natural way to make your skin glow. 


As is seen widely, cucumber is used as an eye mask and it really relieves the stress that we didn’t even know we carried, all focused around our eyes. Cucumber along with natural essential oils or coconut oil makes a great makeup remover. It has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties which helps soothe irritated skin. Just make a paste of cucumber, add oil as per your choice and apply it on face to remove makeup. 


Thousands of years ago, milk baths were taken as a beauty care regime. The fat and proteins in the milk make skin soft, supple and keep it moisturized for long. It also cleanses skin of any dirt and keeps it hydrated. Milk is also a cheaper alternative to those costly makeup removers you will find in the market. Just dip a cotton ball in a bowl of milk and apply in circular motion.



Aloe-vera is known for its healing, anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties. It is skin friendly even for those with oily skin. Applying aloe-vera gel helps fight acne, soothes skin, wards off wrinkles and keeps skin moisturized. Add coconut oil or your choice of oil to aloe-vera gel and Ta Da ! your makeup remover is ready.

These are all natural, easy to find and make DIY makeup removers that not just remove makeup but also benefit your skin.

Who thought removing makeup was so crucial in skin care regimen and yet so easy !!

Stay Healthy, Happy & Beautiful !


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