Best Way To Use Hair Oil, According To Experts
Best Way To Use Hair Oil, According To Experts
There are ample of benefits of oiling hair. Getting a beautiful mane is a dream for many. Given today’s environment, lifestyle, no matter what you try, it all goes to waste. So it is always better to make hair care a habit or include hair oiling in your routine without fail.

Oiling hair is a major task and an important one when it comes to hair care regimen. Sometimes, even when we keep oiling our hair, we find no results. Do you know why is that ? As strange as it sounds, there is a proper way to oil your hair. Whether you believe it or not, in order to get proper nourishment from oiling, just apply it the right way.


Before getting started, always comb your hair. This helps detangle the knots and make oiling easy. Combing also increases blood flow which is important when it comes to hair health. You should also comb hair before going to bed at night. Always use a wide-toothed comb and gently work through your hair.


Part your hair before applying oil. This makes sure that you cover the entire area of scalp. It is essential to nourish each and every strand which is not possible if you try applying just like that. It won’t benefit as desired as the roots will not be exposed to oil for nourishment. Always section your hair and use finger tips to oil properly.


Once you start applying oil on roots after sectioning them, don’t miss the length. Your hair ends and the entire length need as much nourishment as roots. Sectioning also makes sure each strand is properly oiled.


Once you are done with oiling, start massaging in circular motions with your finger tips for 15 minutes. Don’t go too hard. Be gentle. You just need to make your roots absorb oil to its most. Massaging improves blood flow to your hair. As relaxing as scalp massage could be, you need to run your palms gently through the strands as well to give them the needed hydration.


Steam another important step in hair nourishment. Once you are done massaging your scalp and strands properly, steam your hair. Just get a bucket of hot water (bucket so that you don’t splash and wet the floor leading to another unnecessary chore), dump towel in it, wring and wrap it around your head. Trust me it is so relaxing after massage. It also helps scalp to absorb oil better. Keep it on for 30 minutes or till the towel goes cold. If you find 30 minutes to be a quite long time, use it to cook or read or just relax in a bath-tub and pamper yourself.


Massaging, steaming, relaxing will all make it like one hour time. One hour is sufficient time to keep oil on. You can also keep it overnight but some people have difficulty sleeping with oily strands, so one hour is also sufficient. Just make sure you don’t go without washing for 24 hours after oiling otherwise your hair will start attracting dirt and the entire hair care regimen will be pointless


It’s the time to wash and feel your soft, shiny, silky hair. That feeling of lustrousness is so heavenly that you would want to make this routine a habit. Remember to use only lukewarm or cold water (not extremely cold) to wash hair. Boiling, hot water is a big NO. It is extremely damaging for hair. So use only lukewarm or cold water.


If you have a habit of combing rough and tying hair tight so that no strand falls loose – do your hair a favor and let them loose or tie them loosely. Tying tight ties or braids lead to damaged hair roots which may cause extreme hairfall and lead to less or no growth.


Everyone’s hair texture is different. What may suit you, may not suit someone else and vice-versa. So know your hair well. Use only those oils and mild shampoos or combination of oils that suit your hair


Blow-drying, straightening, curling with heat treatment is the death of your hair. It makes hair dry, damaged, frizzy, loose shine & hydration and what not. Have you ever noticed hairfall increases after heat treatment ? There are natural ways to straighten and curl your hair. Always towel dry your hair and go gentle always.

Love your hair. They are an important part of your appearance. You have nothing to lose in trying these methods. Who knows it might work for you !

Stay Healthy, Happy & Beautiful !


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