Natural De-Tanning Hacks To Try This Summer
Natural De-Tanning Hacks To Try This Summer

Exposure to the sun, whether because of daily commute or sun-bath or travel, leads to darkening of skin, overall or in certain patches. Some people get deliberate tan and others have no option. This makes our skin look lifeless, dull and more or less like a chess-board (NOOOO! Even the thought scares me).

There are many ways, including chemicalized de-tanning agents, which helps remove skin tan. Exposure to chemicals may cause other skin problems like rashes, irritation. Skin is a very sensitive part and not everyone’s skin can cope with such chemical de-tan treatments to get a flawless skin.

So here I have listed few home-made, easy DIY de-tan remedies that you can do in the comfort of your home.


The number one choice in removing tan is papaya. Papaya helps in removing tan, cleaning skin and making skin supple. Mash papaya and apply over tanned area, leave for 30 minutes and wash with cold water. Repeat twice a week if needed.


Lemon, or any citrus fruit, because of its citrusy properties are known for removing tan, clears dirt off skin and also bleaches skin naturally. It is the best alternative de-tan agent and always available in the kitchen.


Turmeric has enzymes that help remove tan as well as exfoliates and gives a distinct shine to skin. Turmeric can be used with water or milk to apply and leave for 10 minutes. Clean by gently rubbing fingers on your skin in circular motion and wash with warm water. Turmeric may leave a yellow stain on your skin but it diminishes in short time and is not much noticeable. Just make sure your skin is not allergic to turmeric before using this remedy.


Gram / Chickpea flour is an age old remedy. Mix chickpea flour in milk or curd, add a pinch of turmeric and mix well. Make sure the consistency is not too runny; you should be able to apply it on tanned area, leave for 10 minutes and clean by rubbing the flour off your skin. Repeat twice a week with at least 3 days gap in between. This helps clean your skin, remove dead skin cells and it may also be useful to remove unwanted hair as well.


Slice one tomato in half and rub all over your skin. It might sting a little but it is a great source of natural nourishment to skin when applied topically. It not only de-tans but also cleanses, removes dead skin cells and also makes skin shiny. Apply and leave for 15 minutes. Repeat twice a week.


This is a rare option to find in de-tan remedies but trust me, it works. Just don’t go in the sun right after applying it. Let your skin soak it. Just be aware if you have oily skin, this option might not be for you. It not only helped me de-tan, it keeps my skin soft, smooth and moisturized throughout the day and also makes my skin glow (yaayyy!!).


Buttermilk has a distinct sourness which makes it an excellent option for de-tanning remedy. Just apply a thin layer of buttermilk and leave it on until it partially dries. Once it is partially dried, start rubbing in circular motions, you will notice it cleaning your skin clean as your fingers move and wash with warm water. Repeat twice a week or it can be used daily if time permits.


Yogurt can be used just like buttermilk. Apply, leave until partially dries and start rubbing in circular motion. You can also add turmeric, salt (salt only if it suits your skin) to yogurt. Do this daily before shower.


Potato has bleaching properties that makes skin look clean. You can use sliced potato and rub it all over your tanned areas or just mash them, apply the paste, wait until it dries to rub it off or you can extract potato juice and apply it. Leave it until it dries, approximately 30 minutes and then wash off with warm water.


Sandalwood is being used for centuries in beauty treatments. Sandalwood has cooling, healing properties. Mix sandalwood powder with milk, make a spreading consistency and apply it over the tanned area. Leave until it dries and rinse.

These are all natural and easy to do at home de-tan remedies. Always do a patch test to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients before going ahead with the remedy.

Stay Healthy, Happy & Beautiful!


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